Film & Photos: Paul Sun
Z-Brush: Alena Wooten
3D Model: Stratysis
Music: Menual x Spaceouters
Thanks: Malcon Pierce, Matt Davis, James Jean


Knowing I know nothing has been my base to learning everything. If I could point to a single cause to my progression as an artist it would be curiosity. By some mix of nature, nurture or both the same beginners mind we all have as kids is a driving force to how I learn, think, fail and succeed – consistently. And it’s this curiosity that brings me back full circle to the creative process.

I’ve spent my life cultivating art I feel I was meant to do, only to realize how I create is also a reflection to who I am. The internal values I hold true that aren’t dependent on external validation. Years of the grind drawing, painting and tattooing is a complex mix filled with adversity. The path is difficult and change is a constant dynamic beyond control. But it’s through this specific struggle where clarity emerges from adapting to chaos and I realize the true value.

At the fundamental level in Nature, creativity is about adapting to change. It’s about evolution. Our limited perception of reality prevents insight to the bigger picture, so the unpredictable is the ground where creativity lives. And humility is defined by resolute acceptance of this unknown of how micro events interconnect to the macro. After years of study, work and insight I’ve learned the delusion of talent being a “gift” is bullshit.

Mastery in any skill is not given – it’s earned. Through the combination of deliberate focus, discipline and persistence plus predetermined physics, ecology and epigenetics. I’ve started this platform with the intent to record, track and contribute all I can learn about the creative process through different projects and empower a focused dialogue to all creatives beyond the instant gratification structure of social media. The goal isn’t to provide a formula of success, but to preserve objective insight into the subjective nature of the creative process and how it unifies all forms through art and science.


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